Gifted Program

The gifted program at Green Local exists to provide appropriately challenging instruction for students who have been identified as gifted according to state guidelines. In the 2016-2017 school year, our district is offering gifted services for 1st- 8th graders in reading and math. Using cluster grouping, gifted students are grouped together for daily instruction within the regular language arts and math classes. Grade-level standards are the primary focus, but students may move at a faster pace and are supported to go beyond grade-level work when appropriate. Enrichment may be provided during WIN times as well. The program is intended to challenge the very brightest students who have significant educational needs beyond the typical math and / or reading work.

While the focus of the gifted program services is at the elementary and middle school levels, additional options exist. Gifted services are offered to older students through College Credit Plus courses and the International Baccalaureate program, all of which are open to every capable SHS student. Also, students who consistently perform well above their assigned grade levels may be considered for subject or grade acceleration. Early entrance to kindergarten (with a deadline of May 1) and early graduation are options for specific situations.

All students in our district are tested in elementary and middle school to determine those who meet the gifted criteria. MAP tests are administered three times each school year to all kindergarten through middle school students. Gifted identification is just one of several uses of MAP data at Green Local. In the spring the district provides additional testing opportunities for eligible students who have not yet been identified as gifted, but who have been referred to participate in gifted identification testing. These tests take place during the school day, and referred students must have parental consent on file to participate in these additional tests for gifted identification. Our spring tests have been administered for this school year, and scores will be sent to parents by the end of April. Newly-identified students will begin to participate in gifted services at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.

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