GMS Coke Gives Program

GMS Rewards Program 

Green Middle School and the GMS LEAD team are now participating in Coca-Cola’s Coke Rewards/Coke Give fundraising program. Look for the Coke Rewards (now re-branded as Coke Give) label on bottle caps and cardboard cartons. The value of each code varies from 5 cents to 38 cents, depending on the product purchased. Eligible products include Coke products, Minute Maid, Powerade and Dasani water. Please help the LEAD team raise money to support the middle school and school activities.

Coke Give Program Tips:

Clip the rewards code from any cardboard cartons or collect Coke Rewards/Coke Give bottle caps. If you know a student the middle school or high school they can turn them into the office for you. Community members are welcome to drop them off at the board office located inside the Berkey Fieldhouse. The LEAD team will enter the code(s) online and money will be donated to the school. Thank you for your support.


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