Income Tax Alert for Employers/Employees

Starting with the first payroll in January, employers are supposed to start withholding the ½% for the levy passed in November 2018. How will employers know to withhold? Most employers using a payroll service such as Paychex, Paycor or ADP should get a notice from their service to start withholding, or should receive a notice from the Ohio Department of Taxation to update them on districts with a new or revised income tax amount. As an employee, it may be best for you to tell your employer anyway, so that the appropriate amount is withheld throughout the year and there are no surprises at tax time. The best way to do that is to complete a new State Withholding form and make sure you have Green Local in the school district section. Because there are several Green Locals in Ohio – you will want to make sure your employer knows that our district code is 8503. Here is a link to the form:

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