Business and Finance Committee Member Needed

Green Local school district is seeking leadership assistance and advice from our community members.  

We would like to invite a Green Local resident to become a member of the Business and

Finance Committee.  Currently the committee has eleven active members and is run by the treasurer.  

The committee meets a minimum of  four times per year and currently has one open seat

The committee strives to effectively communicate the district's financial information to our community; 

and continue to improve business efficiencies and partnerships.  


  • Members must reside or do business within the school district.
  • Members must be of good moral character and possess expertise in the area of finance.
  • Member should be able to attend at least 75% of the meetings scheduled annually.


If you have questions please reach out to Treasurer, Erin VanMeter at or 330-669-3921 ext. 5044.


If you are interested in joining us, please click on the link below to fill out an application and email to Treasurer, Erin VanMeter at

Business and Finance Committee Application

PO Box 438 | 100 Smithie Drive, Smithville, Ohio 44677 | Phone: 330.669.3921 | Fax: 330.669.2121